Academic Calendar

Timetable for academic year

Timetable for academic year 2018 - 2019

Timetable for academic year 2019 - 2020

Registration, beginning and ending dates of contact teaching, opening ceremonies, graduation ceremonies, graduation days and other schedules for the academic year.

Registration for attendance or non-attendance

Registration for attendance or non-attendance

To preserve their study entitlement, students have to register for attendance or non-attendance each academic year. Negligence of the registration obligation means loss of study entitlement. Return of the study entitlement has to be separately applied.

Enrolment on courses

Enrolment on courses 2018 - 2019

Students are to enrol on courses of the academic year through the PAKKI desktop in accordance with guidelines.

Retake examination dates

You can complete retake examinations on TAMK's general retake examination days. You can check the degree programme specific examination days in the attached table Retake examination dates 2018 - 2019. Enrolment on examinations takes place through the PAKKI desktop. You can find further information at Retake Examinations.

Students from other universities of applied sciences:

Students from other universities of applied sciences can participate in TAMK's retake examination days.

Send your examination requests to the email address:

The coordinator sends you the detailed guidelines. You have to pay a processing fee of €50 before the examination to TAMK's bank account with the reference data ("Tenttimaksu/student's name/examination date").

Study and progress plans

See degree programme specific instructions (login required).

Degree programme specific instructions

See degree programme specific details at More Information on the right-hand side of the page (login required).

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