Checklist for Graduating Students

Please note that there may be some differences between the campuses.

  • Make sure well before the intended graduation that you have completed all compulsory courses in all study modules and enough elective studies and that their grades have been entered into study administration system. If everything is not in the study administration system, your graduation will move to the next month.
  • Fill in the degree certificate application at least three weeks before the planned graduation time (there are exceptions in December, May and June). Check the graduation days in the Study Guide: Graduation > Degree Certificate. You can't graduate in July. If you will graduate in the end of December, awarding of degree certificates in the mid of January at the earliest.
  • You first have to fill in the university of applied sciences' student feedback survey (AVOP) and thereafter you are directed to the intranet site where you can find the link to the degree certificate application > instructions in Degree Certificate.

  • Check your address and phone number in PAKKI and make the needed changes. Check also that your name has been spelled correctly (all first names). Your name will be entered to the degree certificate from study administration system.
  • Discuss your work situation with your teacher / tutor teacher (if you have already found a job, he/she would be happy to know about it).
  • If you made your thesis as a project to a company or community, you may be eligible to apply for a grant from TAMK's R&D fund. More information from Tuula Jaakola.
  • Remember that your TAMK email address and user name expire in 7 days after graduation. Students will be informed by email 7 days before the user name expires. NB: Access to PAKKI will expire after the graduation day.
  • Return the keys and tools you have borrowed according to the instructions given in the campus.
  • Take care of the loans and fees falling due in the library of TAMK.
  • Return the books or other material or equipment  you have borrowed to the person you have borrowed it from.
  • Remember to hand over your thesis to the library, as the degree certificate is not given before you have delivered the thesis to the library.
  • As a rule, the degree certificate is collected from TAMK personally or by proxy. Delivery of the degree certificate with appendices by post costs about 34,80€ in Finland, about 40,10€ in Europe and other countries about 47,10€ (25€ + postage) and will be sent only at one's own risk (disappearance, damages); the requests are to be sent to tutkintotodistuspostitus.tamk(at) We do not send degree certificates by email owing to information security.