Requests for Document Copies

Requests for documents stored at TAMK

Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK) from 1 Jan 2010
School of Vocational Teacher Education from 1 Jan 2010
Pirkanmaa University of Applied Sciences (PIRAMK) 1 Aug 1997 – 31 Dec 2009

For documents stored elsewhere, please click here.

Requesting and Payment

Requests for document copies are subject to a charge. The payment must be completed in advance of delivery. Please see the Price List.

Requests for certified copies stored at TAMK must be sent in advance via an Information Service Request Form. Please choose one of the following methods:

Please, make sure you to make the payment independently as a bank transfer to TAMK directly after submitting the form. (Please see Payment Instructions)


Please note:

  • The delivery of requested documents will take a maximum of 2 weeks.
  • The requested documents will not be delivered until TAMK has received your payment.
  • The requested documents will not be delivered via email or fax for security purposes. It is also not possible to collect the documents for TAMK.
  • TAMK will not translate the requested documents into other languages.
  • TAMK will not certify any copies or original documents the customer brings to TAMK. In such cases, the customer should contact a notary public instead.