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Internationalisation in Studies

Experience of other countries' working cultures and customs create an important part of the professional learning process. In today's multicultural societies, people have to be able to communicate and move in the labour markets globally. TAMK students have excellent opportunities to complete part of their degree studies abroad. There are several possibilities, such as student and trainee exchange, intensive courses and different kinds of international projects.

You can also gain an international skillset right here at TAMK, guaranteed by the presence of foreign exchange and degree students as well as world class expert lecturers. This so called "internationalisation at home" is also supported by lectures, courses and entire degree programmes offered in English. You can also take part in international tutoring or the Unipoli Friend Family Programme.


Student Exchange

TAMK degree students can complete parts of their degree abroad. Student exchange is possible after the first study year and also more than once during studies. The length of an exchange period is 3 – 12 months.

Outgoing students can apply for TAMK's student exchange grant. Outgoing exchange students are also during the exchange entitled to students' social benefits, such as the KELA's student financial aid and its housing supplement, adult education subsidy, or retraining subsidy.

TAMK follows the ECTS (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System) accepted by the European Union, which guarantees full recognition of pre-planned and passed higher education studies taken abroad. The exchange does thus not prolong the study time. Further instructions and forms available in TAMK intranet.

You can view the existing exchange partners in our SoleMOVE database by selecting TAMK as your university and clicking on the "Exchange Destinations Abroad" link at the top.

Further information can be requested from TAMK International Services:

Double Degrees

In a double degree programme, a student completes part of his/her studies at a foreign partner university. After graduating, he/she gets two diplomas - one from TAMK and the other from the partner university.   Students wishing to get a double degree must apply for the programme, usually in their second year of study.

Bachelor's double degree agreements of TAMK at www-pages.

Entering TAMK as a Double Degree student:

Every year, students from the partner universities with which TAMK has a Double Degree agreement come to TAMK to complete part of their studies with us.  Double degree students go through the same application process as normal Exchange Students (follow the instructions here). After arrival at TAMK, they have the same status as a TAMK degree student.

Step-by-step instructions for incoming students after arrival

Step-by-step instructions for outgoing students

Training Abroad

Compulsory practical training forms an important part of the bachelor's degree. Its extent varies between 30 – 120 credits depending on the degree programme and option. Its aim is to familiarise students with their own professional field and give them the possibility to apply the learnt into practice.

Practical training or part of it may also be completed abroad. If the student aims for international labour markets, a practical period abroad gives the student a running start. A study-related working period abroad is also beneficial for those who in future want to work in Finland: international work experience is a strength in the CV and may sometimes even be an employment prerequisite.

Primarily students organise their training places by themselves. Available training places are regularly announced at and persons in charge of practical training in the field of study and the international services can offer assistance. Outgoing trainees can apply for TAMK's training grant.

A learning agreement for training will be signed between the student, TAMK and the practical training organisation on all practical trainings abroad. Further instructions and forms available in TAMK intranet.

Further information can be requested from the international services:


Training Abroad after Graduation

If you do not have s job lined up for when you graduate, you can utilise that time immediately after by further developing your skills through training in Europe. The new Erasmus+ programme by the EU Commission allows a 12 month quota of Erasmus+ months per degree level, which may also be used for training after graduation. Outgoing graduates can apply for TAMK's training grant.

A learning agreement for training must be signed by the student, TAMK and the practical training organisation before graduation date (signature dates). Further instructions and forms available in TAMK intranet.

Further information can be requested from the international services:

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