Summer Studies 2017

Updated 12.4.2017

Please note that there might be more studies available later on.


TAMK's summer studies

TAMK's summer studies offerings can be found in the study guide: Curricula -> Elective studies and other studies -> Summer studies 2017.

Enrolment on the studies normally through PAKKI.


National summer study portal of UASs is the joint portal of 21 universities of applied sciences, where you can view the joint summer course provision for summer 2017. Students can select their studies among all the offered courses. Enrolment on the courses begins on 15 March 2017.

You can enroll to studies that are elective studies to you. If you want to choose studies that could be basic studies or professinal studies (advanced professional studies in master's degree), discuss first with your teacher tutor or student counsellor.

TAMK degree students enrol on TAMK's courses in PAKKI even if they were offered in the portal. Enrol only on other UASs' studies through the portal.

The studies offered in the summer study portal are free of charge for TAMK degree students and TAMK's Open University of Applied Sciences (Open UAS) path studies students.

If you study at other UAS:

  • Ask a transcript of records on the completed studies.
  • Apply for credit transfer in the CreTa accreditation system (in PAKKI) as soos as possible, preferably in August.
  • The studies are accommodated to each student's PSP structure in the annual counselling and development discussions.


Read more: Student Financial Aid for Summer Studies

Further information on summer studies:

  • Jarkko Lehtonen, koulutuspäällikkö, jarkko.lehtonen(at)
  • Mervi Tikkanen, opintosihteeri, mervi.tikkanen(at)
  • Maiju Ketko, johtava opinto-ohjaaja, maiju.ketko(at)
  • TAMK's student counsellors



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