Sports Services

TAMK's sports services are produced in Unipoli Sport cooperation which allows students to use sports services and facilities of three campuses (TAMK in Kauppi, TUT in Hervanta, and UTA in the city centre) by paying one sports fee. At each campus you can find an excellent sports centre with gyms, fitness rooms and ballgame halls. See You can find there the latest updates on the sports supply and facilities as well as information on how you can exercise at the higher education institutions in Tampere.

In addition, the student union Tamko informs about sports matters, including Tamko's sports courses and events, on its sites at There are also several sports clubs operating under Tamko's sports association TOLU and open for all students. Tamko's members can also found new clubs and apply for a related grant from the student union. If you are willing to lead a sports course, contact Tamko office. It is also possible to borrow sports equipment from the office.

Numerous discounts on Tampere region sports services are available for Tamko's members with the student card. Current benefits are available at Further information on the exercise and sports supply also at the webpages of the cities and towns.

Head of Sport Services Esko Tirkkonen is in charge of sports services, tel. 050 5932552, email