Duration and Loss of Study Entitlement

Studies have to be completed during the duration of the study entitlement. The duration of the study entitlement starts when the applicant has accepted the study place, the university of applied sciences has registered him/her as a student, and the student has registered for attendance for the first time. The studies have to be completed in at least a year after the normative duration of the studies, if the director of education does not exempt the student from this on special grounds.

The normative duration of bachelor's degrees is 3.5 years in 210-credit degrees, 4 years in 240-credit degrees, and 4.5 years in 270-credit degrees. The studies have to be completed in at least a year after the normative duration of the studies (= duration of the study entitlement).

Due to neglect of registration obligation

If a student neglects the registration obligation for attendance or non-attendance during the duration of the study entitlement, (s)he will lose the study entitlement. The student may apply for return of the study entitlement lost due to negligence of the registration obligation from the beginning of the application month. A fee of 50 euros is collected on processing of the application. See more information on the form.


Return of study entitlement (neglect of enrolment obligation)

Extension of study entitlement (extension time)

If the student does not complete his/her studies during the study entitlement, (s)he has to apply for extension time from the director of education a minimum of one month before the study entitlement expires. The study plan made by the student and student counsellor (teacher tutor in health care) and the schedule for the studies have to be attached to the application. The student has to present the specific reasons that justify his/her application. The extension time can only be granted for minor studies missing from the degree if graduation is realistic during the extension time. As a general rule, extension time can only be applied once and for a year at the most. Extension time is not granted if the student already has the credits demanded for the degree.

A fee of 50 euros is collected on processing of the application.


Return of study entitlement

NB: Please use this form for application of extension time if you cannot use the online application due to lack of user identifications.

TAMK's network user identifications expire automatically after the study entitlement ends.

Cancellation and return of study entitlement in health care and social services

The study entitlement can be cancelled if the student has proved unsuitable to work in study-related practical duties or practical/clinical training by endangering other people's health or safety. There are also grounds for cancellation if the student does not fulfil the student admission criteria regarding health or functioning ability, has withheld a prior cancellation decision in the application phase or been convicted of a crime that may prevent from working with underage children (see guidelines on presenting an extract from the criminal record). Before the cancellation decision proposal, the student discusses the possibility of applying or transferring to another degree programme with the student counsellor.

The cancelled study entitlement can be returned on the student's application if the study entitlement has been cancelled due to health or functional ability and the applicant demonstrates that the grounds for cancellation no longer exist.

The board of TAMK decides on cancellation and return of study entitlement on the proposal of the vice president in charge of education. The issue is prepared by the director of education. The student may appeal against the decision concerning cancellation and return of study entitlement to Opiskelijoiden oikeusturvalautakunta in 14 days after being informed of the decision and thereafter to Helsinki Administrative Court.

Compliance with Ethical Practices in Studies

TAMK applies National Advisory Board on Research Ethics' guidelines on good scientific practice and procedures for handling misconduct and fraud in science. Students may be disciplined depending on the severity of the offence either with a warning or by expelling the student for a year at the most.

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