Planning and Counselling


Student counselling forms a part of the education process. It covers the whole study path, and is effectively targeted and well-timed. Student counselling aims at supporting students and promoting their studies and study ability in order to enable study progress, graduation in a reasonable time, and employment. The focus is on student orientation. We value community spirit and individuality, respect for difference and multidisciplinarity, and aim at commitment to studies and support of students' study ability. Student counselling also includes guidance of applicants which aims at providing applicants with sufficient and realistic information on degree programmes and studying in them.

TAMK's whole staff participate in student counselling and guidance. The key providers of student counselling are the head of student counselling, student counsellors of degree programmes, teacher tutors, and student tutors. If necessary, students receive student counselling from the head of degree programme, head of study path, practical training supervisor, thesis supervisor, or international coordinator. In addition to teachers and other students, guidance and advice can be received from e.g. study services, admissions office, student employment services, library, helpdesk, sports services, communications services, secretaries of the financial aid committee, social counsellor (international students), and pastor.

Student counselling is implemented individually, in groups, and online.

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