Degree Certificate

Students are to apply for the degree certificate using an online form mainly three weeks before the planned graduation day. The monthly graduation days are available on the page Timetable for Academic Year.

The deadlines for applications are (graduation days in parentheses):

Autumn term 2018: 10.8. (31.8.), 7.9. (28.9.), 10.10. (31.10.), 9.11. (30.11.), 4.12. the form closed at 14.00 (20.12.), 14.12. (31.12.; awarding of degree certificates on 15.1.2019 at the earliest)

Spring term 2019: 10.1. (31.1.), 7.2. (28.2.), 8.3. (29.3.), 9.4. (30.4.), 9.5. (31.5.), 3.6. (28.6.) 2019

You can't graduate in July!

Changes in degree certificate application

From 1 January 2016 you first have to fill in the university of applied sciences' student feedback survey (AVOP) and thereafter you are directed to the intranet site where you can find the link to the degree certificate application.

Short instructions

  1. After answering to the survey you are directed to the intranet site where you can find the link to the degree certificate application
  2. All courses required for the degree (including the maturity test) must be completed, assessed and registered before applying for the degree certificate. A student must apply for the degree certificate no later than three (3) weeks before the planned graduation date.

TAMK awards the student a degree certificate in Finnish except for the English degree programmes, in which the degree certificate is also awarded in English. Also double degree students will receive their degree certificates in English.

Official translations of the degree certificate are to be acquired by the students themselves if needed.

Finnish and English transcripts of records are given as an appendix to the degree certificate as is a Diploma Supplement for international use.

Diploma Supplement is a personal document on the student´s degree. It has to be stored as the degree certificate. Diploma Supplement does not replace the degree certificate but is an appendix to the degree certificate (and the potential translation of the degree certificate).

The supplement provides information on the university of applied sciences as well as the studies and their level and status in the Finnish education system in accordance with the Government Decree on Polytechnics (352/2003) 15§. In addition, it demonstrates the position of the completed degree in the national degree structure and the qualifications given by the degree.

The purpose of Diploma Supplement is to improve international transparency and fair recognition of higher education degrees especially in Europe. Diploma Supplement does however not guarantee recognition of degrees in other countries.

Check that all in your degree certificate is correct after receiving it. Corrections will be made without fee in three months.

Remember that your TAMK email address and user name expire in 7 days after graduation. Students will be informed by email 7 days before the user name expires. NB: Access to PAKKI will expire after the graduation day.

As a rule, the degree certificate is collected from TAMK personally or by proxy. Delivery of the degree certificate with appendices by post costs about 34,80€ in Finland, about 40,10€ in Europe and other countries about 47,10€ (25€ + postage) and will be sent only at one's own risk (disappearance, damages); the requests are to be sent to tutkintotodistuspostitus.tamk(at) We do not send degree certificates by email owing to information security.

Graduation ceremony

There will be two graduation ceremonies yearly in the auditorium D1-04, Kuntokatu 3, Tampere (main campus). On the graduation ceremony day the degree certificates are given in the ceremonies and/or after the ceremony on the next or a later working day from Kuntokatu 3 campus, service street B1-24 at 10 - 14.

The contents of the ceremonies are similar and the event lasts for approximately two hours.
- A joint event in the main auditorium, approximately 1 hour.
- Handing out diplomas and grants (locations announced in the programme leaflet handed out in the ceremony)
- Coffee is served in the Campusravita Ltd restaurant.

There will be no personal invitation to the graduation ceremony.

Instead, the question about attendance and quests will be asked in diploma application form. The graduate may invate max 2 quests for the Graduation Ceremony.

On the graduation ceremony day, parking is permitted on all marked parking places of TAMK at Kuntokatu 3, Kuntokatu 4 and Teiskontie 33.

If you will graduate in May, awarding of degree certificates in June at the earliest at the graduation ceremony and if you will graduate in the end of December, awarding of degree certificates in the mid of January at the earliest.