Sports Academy

Tampereen Urheiluakatemia is for student athletes at the international top or those aiming there. TAMK and the sports academy have made an agreement on which TAMK commits itself to enable balanced training and competition for students with the sports academy status through diverse study arrangements at all phases of the study path. The guidelines for applying the academy status and the benefits offered by Tampereen Urheiluakatemia can be found at

At TAMK, the contact person of Tampereen Urheiluakatemia is Head of Sport Services Esko Tirkkonen, who TAMK's all academy athletes have to contact first. After an introduction to TAMK's operation, agreements and rules, the person in charge of the degree programme takes over the student counselling responsibility.

Academy athletes have to construct their individual study and training plan (HOVS), on the basis of which they construct their individual study plan (HOPS) together with their teacher tutor and/or the student counsellor of the degree programme. The potential special characteristics and requirements of each degree programme are considered in constructing individual study plans for academy athletes.

In some cases, extension of the study time may be the only meaningful way to complete the studies along with the sports career. The aim is that the alternative study modes do not load the student or staff to excess. The requirement level set for academy athletes' study- and degree-related performances as well as the assessment criteria have to be the same as for other students of the same degree programme.

Further information

TAMK's contact person

Esko Tirkkonen
Head of Sport Services
tel. 050 593 2552