For Graduating Students

When the studies are on the homestretch, students still need to give AVOP feedback and apply for the degree certificate.

Giving AVOP feedback

  • The feedback survey is answered at
  • Please log into the feedback survey through HAKA. If you have logged into the computer with TAMK username and password, select TAMK in the pull-down menu. If you are outside TAMK network, log into the survey with TAMK username and password.
  • In problem situations, please contact the Study Services, opintotoimisto.tamk(at)
  • NB: Students need to have completed 80 % (bachelor's degrees) or 50 % (master's degrees) of the required credits before it is possible to answer to the survey.

Applying for degree certificate

  • After answering to the AVOP feedback, students are directed to an intranet site with links to the Finnish and English degree certificate application forms
  • NB: If you do not fill in the degree certificate application immediately after giving the student feedback, save the link to the degree certificate application e.g. by sending it to your email
  • All courses required for the degree (including the maturity test) must be completed, assessed and registered before applying for the degree certificate. A student must apply for the degree certificate no later than three (3) weeks before the planned graduation date.

The deadlines for applying the degree certificate can be found at Degree Certificate in the study guide.

You can't graduate in July! If you will graduate in the end of December, awarding of degree certificates in the mid of January at the earliest.

The degree certificate can be collected from Kuntokatu 3 campus, service street B1 and room B1-24 on working days at 10 - 14 or in Graduation Ceremony Day (two times in a year). The graduate may invate max 2 guests to the Graduation Ceremony.

More about Graduation Ceremony read page Degree Certificate.

If the thesis has been made as a working life project, the graduate may have the possibility to apply for a grant from TAMK's R&D fund.

TAMK's student recruitment services support recent graduates in search for work.

And by joining the alumni activity, you make sure that you stay in touch with your fellow students also in future.

Remember that your TAMK email address and user name expire in 7 days after graduation. Students will be informed by email 7 days before the user name expires. NB: Access to PAKKI will expire after the graduation day.

TAMK wishes good luck for job search and working life!